EasyAs Accounting Software Version 8 is a one click accounting software program designed to make light work out of common accounting.

Our Accounting Program is simple and very easy to use, yet has all the functions that small business wants and needs. We at EasyAs came to the conclusion a long time ago that you cannot please everyone, so we gave up trying.

We look at it like this, "If you need a bigger program that includes things like stock control, then you need a bigger program, and that's ok". We know that our accounting program has almost everything that anyone in our target market will ever want.


Invoices Purchase Orders
Quotes Accounts Receivable
Expenses Accounts Payable
Income Credit Notes
Record Sales Tax Logo on Invoices
Profit and Loss Where Am I Calculator


With our program you also get our one of the kind "Where Am I" calculator. You will not find this anywhere else in any other software on the market, as we are the first to include a tool like this....

With this tool you can easily work out exactly how much income you need to make each day or each week before you make any profit. This calculator uses your existing expenses against time, to calculate your average daily expenses. It is fully functional, and allows you to remove expense categories that have no meaning to daily cost.


This accounting software can be downloaded on a 30 day trial, from our dedicated site at EasyAs Accounting Software


Easy to use Accounting Software


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