EasyAs Income Tax V8 is a one of a kind income tax calculator and forecaster. This software is not just a simple calculator, it is able to store information from multiple sources and provide you with a week to week income tax estimate.

With this software you can answer those nagging questions, "have I put aside enough income tax this year", "how much will I owe", "what happens if I earn more money".

This software was designed for individuals as well as small business. It's obvious to see how useful a tool like this would be in the hands of a small business owner, contractor, subcontractor, carpenter, painter, practitioner etc.. But individuals can also use this, especially if they have income from more than one source.


The forecaster can give you an estimate almost from day one of the new financial year. Of course the more data entered the more accurate the forecaster is. What its able to do is inform you ahead of time if you are likely to end up jumping income tax brackets, or if you are going to end up owing money. This means you can do something about it ahead of time, instead of being thrown into the deep end come tax time.


Like all our software it can be downloaded and tried on a 30 day no questions asked trial. So go grab yourself a copy today and test it out, you will be glad you did - Income Tax Calculator


Income Tax Calculator


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