EasyAs Invoices.

It has become a standard with most countries to employ individuals as subcontractors rather than employing them on wages. In these cases most of the employers seek invoices from individuals prior to payment, so they can justify to the tax department why they are contractors and not employees. EasyAs Invoices allows individuals to manage their invoices using an easy, simple process.

EasyAs Invoices can also be used by anyone whom needs to issue invoices and do not need the full services of a complete accounting program. Our Invoice program also allows you to write and issue quotes. You can then use a quote to produce an invoice. This saves you having to retype the whole invoice, especially if the quote contains most of the information. When you produce an invoice from a quote, the system will make a duplicate of the quote and insert it into the invoice database, ready for you to edit, change or add any details as you need.

We could have called the software EasyAs Quotes as it does both Invoices and Quotes !!!

As with all our software, you can obtain a full 30 day free unrestricted trial of our Invoice Program, at the end of this period, you can choose to purchase, or not, the choice is yours.

Please note: EasyAs Invoices is our newest product, and as yet we do not have a home for the website. We hope to have this up and running over the next couple of weeks. Before the end of May 2008.

The software is ready and working fully, but we have chosen not to make it available until the website is up, this is due to problems involved with merchant facilities and hosting issues.