Become a Reseller of our Software

We all love money, and I am not different, I love it, I want more of it, and heaps of it.....

EasyAs is a group of websites controlled by a small close group of Australians. We have been involved in similar projects since around 1998, over this time we have re-tuned our internet and marketing skills to bring you some of the best software of the 21st Century.

Our EasyAs range of software has filled the gap left by the big corporate companies who's focus is on the bottom line and not on the usefulness by small business. This is great for us, we have grown at a steady rate, which means that every sale proves our point and strengthens our position.


Earn extra cash for doing next to Nothing

The EasyAs Software range is fast becoming the new industry standard, and we are excited that we are now able to offer this opportunity for you to share in the profit.

Due to the huge success of the EasyAs range of products, we have decided to encourage all those whom are interested in making up to 30% commission for doing as little as possible, to come and join us.

We already have resellers of our fantastic product and due to the huge success from their efforts we feel encouraged to extend our offer to the general public.

Obviously the majority of the earths population will find the thought of reselling or talking about accounting software the last thing on their minds, as who wants to be doing that? However, depending on your circumstances you may find yourself the perfect candidate to receive our high levels of commission.

We initially only extended this to our retail partners, and those whom purchased our software, however we have discovered that some of our best partnerships have also come from people whom have no need for accounting software, or are simply only here for the commission.

We encourage ANYONE whom believes they have the means to resell our software to contact us. We would like you to give us an outline of your situation, eg. if you have a website please give us your url... If you don't have a website then you may have other means in which software of this caliber would be of benefit to others.

For those with a website we can give you access to one of the worlds leading affiliate systems. We have a Vendor arrangement with Plimus which allows you to insert an affiliate link on your site and claim a commission from anyone whom purchases our software from clicking the link on your site.

Best of all, Plimus takes care of all the commissions, which means you can be assured that you will receive payment. Should a potential client return to our website to purchase our software within the 30 day Trial Period, Plimus tracks this and will record your commission.

If you do not have a website but have a means to send customers to us, whether is be word of mouth or other, we do have the means to enable you to also take part in this fantastic offer, using the same affiliate process, so your commissions are locked in and safe from any fiddling from us. Not that we would fiddle, but it gives you peace of mind that all your efforts will be rewarded, and your commissions will be like cash in the bank.


We invite EVERYONE to contact us, whilst we are very proactive in maintaining our good name, which means we personally consider all request to ensure our integrity remains in tact, we don't bite, and we do not discriminate, and we always look ahead to the possibilities of what might be, we do not walk around with blinkers on, so you may have exactly what we are looking for, and all it takes to find out is an email.: info@easyasaccountingsoftware.com

We would appreciate it if you place Reseller Request in the subject heading as it will help us, but its not essential.